Fan Fiction — Weekly Round -Up Week Sex–er–Six

This week we’re taking off in the way-back machine. I saw a few comments while I was perusing the planet, investigating the Internet, browsing the blogs. It seems there are some fans who haven’t read about John Porter, or John Portahtumblr_m6widn2nMM1qly4zao1_1280 to long-time fans. So I thought I start off by listing a few stories about our favorite British soldier. Some of them are a couple of years old, but they are really good. I wish the authors would write some more. So, if you haven’t read John Porter I hope you enjoy the stories I’ve picked for you. If you have read them, re-read them. They are that good!

First up, Guy Friday’s Blogger, Fedoralady wrote Truce, . It’s a wonderful multi-chapter story. And hot? OH BABY! It’s a definite NC-17. I loved it!


SahRAobsessed wrote Complex Maneuvers . It will grab you from the first word and hold you until she’s finished with you. I hope you finished what you were doing before you started reading.

Stefmatt gives us The Cultist an interesting twist to John or Steve or Dave or whatever name he called him that day.

Next stop in our journey into the past is John Standring, and his part in Sparkhouse,JSCareer1Border1 the modern retelling of Wuthering Heights with a bit of a twist. There’s been a bit of chatter about the characters, but I’m going to let you make your own decisions. I’m just here to give you a list of stories to read.

Chorima wrote a sequel to Sparkhouse After The Funeral starts the day of Andrew’s funeral, with Carol wondering if she’s going to lose John as well.

MrsVienna gives us a much “happier” version of the ending of Sparkhouse in The End with a New Beginning .

Thearth’s version of Sparkhouse can be found in A Little John Standring Story . What would happen if John said no to Carol’s proposal?

Steampunk Wayback Machine

Steampunk Wayback Machine


We’re back to the present.

Lady Oakenshield and friends finish up their latest adventure in Part 3 of Dragons, Ducks, and Dungeons – A Lady Oakenshield Adventure Book 15. . There’s nothing better than self-advertisement.

This week Siriusgrednforge finished Waiting For a Blue Sky with her Epilogue.

GratianaLovelace is planning a wedding! N&S: John Thornton, Love Lessons, Chapter 26, Wedding Planning Dresses and Such , tells us how it is going.

N&S: John Thornton, Love Lessons, Chapter 27 John and Margaret’s Loving Evening and Such well, um, it was very loving. (Where’s my fan?) It’s rated R for Really Hot! It should be rated W for Winner!!!

N&S: John Thornton, Love Lessons, Chapter 28 Hannah’s and Cameron’s Evening Begins Lovingly

Love is in the air with Zeesmuse’s LOVE! Rohirrim Style

Chapter 11 — Ring the bells and sing it from the rafters! I’m getting married… eventually. .

Chapter 12 — It happened at Eomer and Lothiriel’s wedding. .

Chapter 13 — To Ride the Mearas. .

We love this story.

Whatcatydidnext was to write Chapter 11 of Death on a Cold Street . It’s a great story written using as her characters Richard Armitage and Tom Hiddleston. Well done, WCDN! Bravo!

Chasitycheyenne kicks it into high gear with Part 5 of The Truth Beneath the Rose. The World is Ahead, .

My partners in grime, crime, Guylty and Azgy can be found by clicking your heels 3 times and repeating “There’s not place like home.” If that doesn’t work, put your cursor over their name and press the button. I think that works. I hope that works. It should work. The technician told me it would work.

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  1. Hello petal, thank you for the mention, very kind. x

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