Fan Fiction Week 7– Love is in the Air

Love is in the air!hearts-and-roses It was “Valentine Week”and you could tell just by reading the latest list of stories. There were several websites and blogs doing secret Valentines and Armitage’s Army was among them. I got a beautiful secret Valentine that I am now using as my header. But back to the Love Stories.

Zeesmuse is writing a prequel to Rider of the Mark, one of my favorite stories or hers. It’s written 21 years before the War of the One Ring. And as she says “To what lengths will a father go to ensure the safety of his daughter? Well, you’ll have to read the story to find out. Here are the first 5 chapters of My Sweet Thing.

Chapter 1 – My Sweet Thing

Chapter 2 – Somewhere Along theLine

Chapter 3 – The Stranger

Chapter 4 – Get It Right the First Time

Chapter 5 – Everybody Loves You Now –

MorrighansMuse steams up your reading glasses with Chapter 14 of Every Fifth Living Thing,

2168GratianaLovelace gives us another lesson in courting in “N&S:John Thornton, Love Lessons,”, Fanny and Baird Courting in London, Chapter 29.

and we take a VERY special trip to Scotland with her next chapter. She dedicated this chapter to Katia for Valentine’s Day. How sweet is that? What a lovely thing to do Ms. Gratia! N&S:John Thornton, Love Lessons,”, Traveling to Airlie Castle in Scotland for a Highland Wedding, Chapter 30

siriuslygrednforge writes a little Valentine’s Day ficlet “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

CarlyQ continues to amaze us with her story weaving skills in chapter 22 of The Safety of Solitude.

To reach my partners in love, gently caress their names, Tumblr Round-up and Weekly Round-Up, let everyone feel the love.



14 responses to “Fan Fiction Week 7– Love is in the Air

  1. Yay, I’ve been feeling the love! I’m so thankful for these lists. Unless you’re keeping a close eye on fanfics, so many delicious goodies can pass you by!
    I also really like the themed round-up posts and am (not so secretly) keeping my fingers crossed that there might be a Thornton/N&S masterpost one week. I know there are peeps searching for a list of recs, I get a steady handful of clicks each day on my last year’s Valentine post.

  2. I have been too wrapped up in Discovery of Witches to catch up with fanfic. And you are making it hard for me to ever do so. Sigh. More undiscovered stories to read… Thank God the links are preserved here and so I can catch up another time.
    Thanks, Arkie!

    • You’re just now reading this???? Isn’t it wonderful???? I am so NOT into paranormal romance… but THIS…. YES!

      • Discovery of Witches? Um, I hate to say this, but no. If it hadn’t been for the association with RA I would have given up. Granted, it is easy to read and well-written in that sense, but I was not overly fond of the female character. And Vampire stuff is just not my cup of tea…

        • Yeah paranormal does nothing for me. I do not get why my students love Twilight so much… just… no. But put RA in you mind canon for this role… it makes it easier to swallow. 🙂

          OH! Did I say that….

          Pssst. Check your email. Something is in it for you…

    • I loved Discovery of Witches, but hated Twilight and Vampire Diaries. It’s all in the storytelling I think. That’s why there’s chocolate ice cream. Not everyone likes Vanilla.

  3. Thanks for the list, Arkenstone! All the books on my iPad will just have to wait a bit longer, collecting virtual dust.

  4. Thank you so much for this list – my to read folder is becoming quite unwieldy – but that’s okay. And thank you again for the shout out! 🙂

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