Fan Fiction Round Up Week 4!!!

 images2R9XJ19DHappy Monthaversary to keep-calm-and-happy-one-month-anniversary-7Agzy’s All-A-Round-Up, Guylty’s Tumblr Round-Up and my Fan Fiction Round-Up!

I can’t believe we’re on WEEK 4 already This week’s Fan Fiction is not very big, simply because most of us were writing something for the RAFlash. I did uncover some wonderful new chapters in a few stories that I’d like to share with you.

Do you remember the fan fiction “A Heart for Milton” by Trudy Brasure? It was a wonderful continuation of North and South. She wrote another story, a re-telling of North and South called “In Consequence”. It is now available for the Kindle. She wrote to me a while back asking that I add another author to our list. I don’t want to start using our round-up for advertising pay-to-read stories, but Trudy was so kind in directing me to a really great story by a new author, I figured you wouldn’t mind a one-time shot for her, especially since she started out writing the same way most of us did.


First up on our list, mujertropical wrote a short story called Surprise And the ending was.

 Zeesmuse started us off with LOVE! Rohirrim Style. This is separate story from “Rider of the Mark.” You don’t have to read RotM “to get it,” but Zeesmuse advises that you do. She continues with

LOVE! Rohirrim Style-Grumpy Old Men. And

LOVE! Rohirrim Style-Sawdust in Your Hair…and Eyes and Mouth

LOVE! Rohirrim Style-Linen ‘n Things

LOVE! Rohirrim Style-A Crown of Horses

 Chasitycheyenne digs up the truth with her story The Truth Beneath the Rose – Daisies and Roses

 Siriuslygrednforge addressed one of our greatest fears in Thank You, John .

 GratianaLoveLace warms our hearts as she serves up another two chapters of N&S:John Thornton, Love Lessons”. Chapter 21: Sunday Spooning, and Monday Museum & Tea Rituals


Chapter 22: Mrs. Shaw’s Farewell Dinner Soiree Finds Fanny with Competing Suitors

 MorrighansMuse continues to delight us with the historical romance of Devlin and Luna in Chapter 10 of Every Fifth Living Thing Step back into 1890’s Manila, but don’t forget your fan or mosquito netting.

 You’ll have to read Chapter 11 of Every Fifth Living Thing Who’s at the door?

 Lady Oakenshield is back in her latest adventure in Dragons Ducks and Dungeons-Part 1 .

 Guylty continues to amuse us with her ficlets. We’ve decided we really should call them *ooof*lets. You can read all of them from the very beginning here. .

 That’s it for this week. I don’t even have any smut for you. It’s all good clean (well-semi-clean) fun. If you want to take a gander at the other 2/3s of this circus you can find the links at:

Armitage Week Round-Up photo-5

Tumblr Week Round-Up

 As Porky Pig said….That’s all folks.

17 responses to “Fan Fiction Round Up Week 4!!!

  1. Yay to Trudy! She’s done amazingly well with what started out as N&S fanfiction and I’m so happy the Armitage Army is so supportive of her. She’s not only a very talented writer, but a thoroughly lovely person!
    Anyway, today I shall start with the LOVE! fiction, you’ve intrigued me 😉
    Hugs and stay warm!

  2. Thanks for the round-up and the link, Arkie! I’ll have to edit my ficlet page title now 😀

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  4. Thanks for the mention. My stories are still available for free at C19 (where I first started writing) and Wattpad. I’m all about sharing my Thornton love with Richard fans. 😉

  5. OH look at all the reading I’m accumulating – when my life frees up… lol! Thank you so much for doing this!

  6. Hello there pet, looks like you have another good haul here. I’ve nipped in a got my copy of ‘In Consequence’, lovely stuff.
    I’m particularly fond of Zee’s Rohirrim tales and MM’s ‘Every Fifth Living Thing’. I’ll have a wee perusal of all the goodies tomorrow, my day off, whoop, whoop!
    Thank you for the mention last week, very kind. I’d advise anyone thinking of it, to give the Kindle route a try, it’s nerve wracking, but great fun.

    • *hugs Caty*

      • Hello petal, praise where praise due, you do know Gamling is on my crush list?

        • You know it’s funny, and I’m sure people will scream, but of all the men/males I’ve written, if I had the choice of picking one and settling down with him forever, I would chose Riderverse Gamling. (Although I think ‘His Mine and Ours’ Gamling is pretty awesome too. Dominant, but not Alpha, very male, macho when he needs to be, comforting, compassionate but not a wussy… psssst. Manna updated. Rough Draft.

          As for the other. *blush*

  7. Hi TA,
    I love Trudy’s N&S fan fics! And I have already purchased my kindle version of “In Consequence” to pair up with “A Heart for Milton”.
    And thanks so much for sharing my N&S fan fic story links! Cheers! Grati ;->

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