October 12, 2013 — Guylty Pleasures

Looking back through the last week’s Story Boards I somehow missed telling you about a new BlogRoll Listing.  BAD ON ME!!! I must have written about it somewhere but where, I’ve not a clue.  So my apologies to one of my favorite Bloggers!

Guylty has written some sizzling Ficlets!  As she writes on her Blog, hers is “A place to indulge in guilty pleasures, all connected to my favourite actor, Richard Armitage.”ilove-you

We’ve put her Ficlets on The BlogRoll because she’ll be adding to them as she goes along.  So enjoy, I sure did!


2 responses to “October 12, 2013 — Guylty Pleasures

  1. Arkie!!! Oh, thanks for that nice post! I am blushing! xx

  2. I heart Guylty! She’s the nicest bestest person ever! I had a chance to meet her last year in London and I hope we’ll hang this year too! A little too talented in too many fields if you ask me, but I guess she can’t help being brilliant at so many things, so my ego will just have to deal 😉

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